FRACTION roundtables

FRACTION roundtables

The aim of the project is to develop a catalytic pathway to valorize biomasses from forests and agriculture to produce compounds that can be used for construction materials, paper and cardboard, and fine chemicals including food ingredients. The purpose of the Roundtable is to encourage discussions and knowledge sharing about bioeconomy, connecting research with industry, promote innovation, and discuss pathways for enabling bioeconomy with a focus on each organizing country. The outcomes of the discussions will support the exploitation work of FRACTION project and strengthen the network among stakeholders in the European bioeconomy. The Roundtable features short keynote presentations, each followed by a Q&A session to encourage an active discussion.

The next roundtable with theme “De-risking the path of bio-based technologies development and commercialization” will be held on April 25th 2024 in Breda, the Netherlands  as a hybrid event, together with the FRACTION GA meeting.

The organizing partners are PDC, IFAU and CLIC Innovation.
Contact information for roundtable meetings:

IFAU: WP6 leader, Karen Thorsted Hamann



FRACTION Roundtable Topic When Partner and Place
Opportunities for agri-food waste
30th Nov 2021 Funditec, URJC, CSIC, Madrid, Spain
How can we better underpin innovation and knowledge transfer to enhance the bioeconomy – the case of Switzerland 10th June 2022 AVA Biochem, Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Open discussion on how can we better connect R&I projects with industry to push the bioeconomy forward 24th Oct 2022 CLIC, Helsinki, Finland
Moving forward EU policies and markets for the roll out of advanced lignocellulosic biorefineries postponed CSIC, remote
Roundtable in Denmark – The journey from research to industry 1st June 2023 IFAU, Hillerød, Denmark
Innovations and pathways enabling bioeconomy – focus on the Basque region and Spain 28th  Nov 2023 GAIKER, Bilbao, Spain
De-risking the path of bio-based technologies development and commercialization 25th  April 2024 BREDA, Netherlands