FRACTION roundtables

FRACTION roundtables

During the FRACTION project there will be six roundtables to co-create and bring researchers and industries together. This concept is also providing input for market uptake analysis. The roundtable meetings are hosted in different countries to give a pan-European and multistakeholder outreach.

The next planned roundtable meeting is focusing on New trends in lignocellulose fractionation technologies. The event will be in Schaffhausen, Switzerland in 10th June 2022. The organizing partners are AVA Biochem, IFAU and CLIC.

Contact information roundtable meeting:

AVA Biochem: Stefan Krawielitzki, and Gilbert Anderer,
IFAU: WP 6 leader, Karen Thorsted Hamann
CLIC: Tiina Witikkala,


FRACTION Roundtable Topic When Partner and Place
Opportunities for agri-food waste
30th Nov 2021 Funditec, URJC, CSIC, Madrid, Spain
New trends in lignocellulose fractionation technologies 10th June 2022 AVA Biochem, Schaffahausen, Switzerland
Moving forward EU policies and markets for the roll out of advanced lignocellulosic biorefineries Dec 2022 CSIC, Brussels
Opportunities of forest-based biorefineries Oct 2022 CLIC, Helsinki, Finland
Opportunities for grass-based biorefineries June-July 2023 IFAU, Hoersholm, Denmark
Circularity and process optimisation in EU biorefineries Nov-Dec 2023 GAIKER, Bilbao, Spain