The FRACTION project delivers a number of impacts that will contribute to the wider goals of the CBE JU (former BBI JU). These will include:

  • Creating five new interconnections in the bio-based economy, namely between the feedstock providers – agri-food, forestry and pulp and paper – and the bio-industries as well as three between the bio-industries and the end users of bio-based building blocks.
  • Establishing 14 new bio-based value chains, by creating a new feedstock, seven new fractionation and conversion technologies and six new end products.
  • Validating six chemical building blocks derived from lignin and hemicellulose.
  • Validating the advances in readiness levels of various technologies. These will be in the GLV organosolv – from TRL3 to TRL5. It will also progress the downstream innovations to synthesise chemical building blocks, and end products are mostly taken from TRL3 to TRL4.