FRACTION Roundtable in the Netherlands – De-risking the path of bio-based technologies development and commercialization

The 6th Roundtable will be held on April the 25th in Breda, the Netherlands and via online.

The Roundtable is hosted by PDC and organized as part of the EU-BBI funded project FRACTION; The aim of the project is to develop a catalytic pathway to valorize biomasses from forests and agriculture to produce compounds that can be used for construction materials, paper and cardboard, bio-plastic and, fine chemicals including food ingredients. The purpose of the international Roundtable is to encourage discussions and knowledge sharing about bioeconomy, connecting research with industry, promote innovation, and discuss pathways for enabling bioeconomy with a focus in Northern Europe. This way, the event will support the exploitation work in the FRACTION project.

The roundtable session will focus on “De-risking the path of bio-based technologies development and commercialization.” During this session, participants will exchange on the following:

  •  How to discriminate between bad and good ideas early on the journey – effectively spend your R&D resources?
  • How to secure your IP?
  • How to raise seed capital?
  • How to deal with partnerships? – often required in subsidies schemes
  • How to finance your pilot?
  • How to finance your first commercial plant?
  • What can we learn from success/fail stories?

The Roundtable will feature keynote speakers with examples from Netherlands. By attending the event, you have an opportunity to participate in the European dialogue to promote the transition to a bioeconomy, and to extend your network to stakeholders in green biorefining, European research and businesses.

Please register by 18 April 2024 here.

The event is free of charge.

Tentative agenda

13:30 Welcome & further exploitation of FRACTION project results (CBE- RIA project) – Mohamed Mahmoud, PDC (Host and WP leader)

13:45 BIC & CBE helping the Bio-based Industry – Rob Beekers, BIC & CBE (Chair)

14:15 Co-financing a demo as Bio-based startup with CBE – Roger Ottenheym, Mevaldi (CEO)

14:45 Break 15:00 Experiences with BBI and CBE in financing both demos and Flagships – Ed de Jong, Avantium (VP Development) 15:30 Financing a Bio-based venture with local/national funding – Linda Dijkshoorn, EV BioTech (CCO and founder)

16:00 Financing Bio-based ventures as VC at different stages in their development – Rob van der Meij, Capricorn (partner)

16:30 Closing