Young Scientist workshop on 18th Oct at 13:00-15:50 CET in Teams

FRACTION EU-project is organizing the Young Scientist workshop on 18th Oct at 13:00-15:00 CET in Teams.

The aim of the workshop is to provide young scientists with an opportunity to present their research, and through discussion, to identify gaps in research needed for moving the bioeconomy forward. The workshop provides a great opportunity for young scientists to extend their European network. We have presentations from IMPRESS, TREASoURcE, Aalto University Bioinnovation center and FRACTION.

The FRACTION project aims to develop a catalytic pathway to valorize lignocellulosic biomasses from forests and agriculture to produce green chemicals that can be used for the building sector, paper and cardboard, bioplastics, paints, adhesives and, other fine chemicals.

At the workshop we will focus on lignocellulosic biomasses; processes for treating and valorizing biomasses; increasing TRL; shaping value chains; and other related topics. We are looking for young scientists who are interested in sharing their research and contribute to an open discussion about gaps in research. The outcome of the workshop will be used for a policy brief.

Premilinary Agenda 18.10.23
Teams meeting 13:00-15:50 CET

    • 13:00 Welcome
    • 13:05 Introduction FRACTION project
    • 13:15 Knowledge exchange (Presentations 10min)
      • 13:15 Noora Haatanen, XAMK, Finland RDI-specialist, and project manager, IMPRESS, The IMPRESS project: The Future of Biorefining online course
      • 13:25 Ila Mitra, Aalto University, Finland, Doctoral Student, IMPRESS, The role of melt crystallization in downstream purification of bioproducts
      • 13:35 Tran Ngo, VTT, Finland, Research Scientist, TREASoURcE, Challenges to circular bio-based side and waste streams transition
      • 13:45 Sahar Babaeipour, Aalto University, Finland, Doctoral Student, BioInnovation center, Thin multifunctional coatings for textiles based on the layer-by-layer application of polyphenolic hybrid nanoparticles
      • 13:55 Victoria de los Ángeles Francés Perez, CSIC, Spain, Doctoral Student, FRACTION, Study of the perfomance of new catalyst formulations in gas phase furfural oxidation
      • 14:05 Jorge Blanco Cejas, URJC, Spain, Doctoral student, FRACTION, TBC
    • 14:15 Break (10min)
      • 14:25 Maia Montaña, URJC, Spain, Postdoc Researcher, FRACTION, TBC
      • 14:35 José Manuel Jiménez Martín, URJC, Spain, Doctoral student, FRACTION, TBC
      • 14:45 Miriam El Tawil Lucas, URJC, Spain, Doctoral Student, FRACTION, TBC
      • 14:55 Silja Känsäkoski, VTT, Finland, Research Engineer, FRACTION, TBC
      • 15:05 Irene Martinez Salazar, CSIC, Spain, Doctoral Student, FRACTION, Dihydropyran conversion to 1,5-pentanodiol using RuSn/C catalysts
      • 15:15 Ana Orozco Saumell CSIC, Spain, Doctoral Student, FRACTION, Catalytic Transfer Hydrogenation of maleic acid to succinic acid on Pd/C catalysts
    • 15:25 Plenary discussion: Research needs for the future bioeconomy in the EU
    • 15:50 End


Attendees will receive a short summary of the presented projects after the workshop.

Please, register by Tue 17th Oct here.

Best regards,

Tiina Witikkala, CLIC and Karen Hamann, IFAU