Report about market structure and development, key actors and, quality requirements for cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin (D6.4)

The overall scope of this report (D6.4) is to document the market potential for FRACTION end products. The report also provides findings about market drivers and barriers, key actors (potential customers and competitors) and, quality requirements. The report is focused on the industrial market as producers of bio-based components, chemicals and materials are considered as the key customers for the bio-based compounds resulting from the research and piloting in the FRACTION project. The report-at-hand is elaborated as a qualitative analysis and builds on desk research, interviews and roundtables. So far, roundtables have been organized in Spain, Switzerland, and Finland and contribute with insights from national stakeholders about research and innovation, commercial opportunities, and new value chains. The roundtables and interviews especially contribute with findings to underpin the commercial perspectives and to understand the market dynamics.

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