ISGC is an international event in sustainable chemistry research & innovation

On May 16-20, 2022 WP3 and WP4 researchers from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and VTT attended the International Symposium on Green Chemistry ISGC in La Rochelle (France), to present their newest outcome.

ISGC was an interesting opportunity for researchers and chemical companies to meet in the same place and sharing the main contributions in their research projects. The scientific program was quite extensive with more than 300 oral communications and parallel poster session. The congress focused on scientific topics of relevance such as biomass conversion, waste and side streams valorization, homogenous, heterogeneous and biocatalysis, alternative solvents, polymers or composites, chemical engineering, industrial chemistry, life cycle and environmental assessment, etc.

Maia Montana presenting FRACTION on conferenss
Maia Montaña from URJC presenting FRACTION WP3 in ISGC May 2022.
Results presented of Hemicellulose C6 fraction valorization

The results presented by URJC researchers involved the transformation of different sugars and sugars mixtures in the production of methyl lactate and in the isomerization of aldoses to ketoses. The presented results for the direct transformation of sugars derived from hemicellulose corresponds to some of the experimental studies conducted by URJC under the FRACTION project. Besides, the environmental performance of commercial furfural processes (Huaxia mod. Westpro and Quaker-Oats) was evaluated to identify the major drawbacks associated with these technologies. This way, we will have detailed evidence of the hotspots that the FRACTION project will need to deal with to overcome conventional pathways for the valorization of the hemicellulosic fraction of biomass.

The ISGC congress was an excellent scientific meeting and a great opportunity to academic and industrial participants with interesting debate of the most important topics in the field.

For more detail: Maia Montaña, URJC maia.montana (at)