CBE JU Stakeholder Forum 2023

The CBE JU chose the lignin-based insulation foams produced by Kingspan in the frame of the FRACTION project as pieces for exhibition of successful outcomes of BBI/CBE JU projects. Patrick de Schryver from Kingspan and project manager Nicole Doelker represented FRACTION at the event, which took place on 6-7 December in Brussels.

During the two day CBE JU Stakeholder Forum, over 50 speakers from industry, research and innovation providers, public sector, and local authorities, among others, presented their views on the future of the European bio-based sector. The event provided lots of opportunities for discussions, learning, and networking with other projects and institutions.

CBE JU Stakeholder forum

While both speakers and participants identified important challenges related to lack of investment and adequate regulations to help overcoming the “valley of death” between technology development and market uptake, it was great to see the multiple success stories of BBI/CBE JU projects that are contributing to advancing the European bio-based sector.

Some of the important take-home messages of CBESF23 are:

  • The private sector should invest in compelling storytelling and put emphasis on engaging with citizens and policymakers, as well as with primary producers.
  • Europe needs a coherent and enabling regulatory framework to boost the bio-economy.
  • It is crucial to adapt educational curricula at all levels to include emerging fields relevant to the bio-based sectors future demands.


Contact: Nicole Doelker, nicole.dolker@csic.es

Photos by CBE JU