2nd Consortium meeting in Madrid 29th-30th Nov, 2021

The 2nd Consortium meeting of FRACTION was held in Madrid 29th-30th Nov, 2021. The two-day hybrid meeting started with introductions of each partner and work package presentations. The aim was to get to know the other partners and discuss the open issues in workplans. In the General Assembly meeting the discussion was about gender equality issues, financial templates and the change of the project coordinator. The change will be official after approval of project officer.

During the Communication Workshop the foundation for continuous dialogue between industry and academia, which the roundtable concept will support, was created. The first roundtable discussion with Spanish stakeholders Aimplas, Tecnicas Reunidas and Avebiom was on Tuesday. The focus was in opportunities and challenges of exploitation of biomass in Spain. Further findings from first roundtable meeting will be published later.

Many thanks to active partners of inspiring discussions and to our hosts CSIC, URJC and Funditec, who organized the event. The next Consortium meeting will be in June-July 2022 in Mittenz, Switzerland.